Women's Tennis

Off court success is just as important as on court success for Jackrabbit Tennis. Our staff and players realize the importance of academics and have alumni who have graduated in multiple fields such as pharmacy, engineering, economics, psychology, and pre-medicine. Last season, 6 out 7 players made the commissioners list of academic excellence and achieved the Summit League team academic achievement award.

Academics is not a recent success for Jackrabbit tennis, as the woman’s program consistently holds a team GPA above 3.5. Our staff ensures you will not only leave SDSU a better tennis player, but a person who is ready to be successful in all aspects of life. We will do whatever it takes to help our players reach their academic goals and remain Jackrabbits for life!

Tennis players at SDSU along with the other student athletes have the ability to use the Dykehouse Student Athlete Center to workout and work on there studies as well. They also have the option to receive tutoring, if they need help with their homework.

Impact a Tradition

The Jackrabbit Tennis program is on the rise. With a new coaching staff last year, we have made it clear we want to be an elite team in the Summit League and in the NCAA. We have set high goals for our tennis program, and work hard every day to achieve these goals. We are establishing a fresh, successful tradition that is going to stay with the tennis program for many years to come.

Our staff believes in this new tradition, our players believe in this new tradition, and our athletic department believes in this new tradition. There is not a better time to become a member of the Jackrabbit Tennis family!

Full Potential

The tennis coaching staff at SDSU all believe in getting the full potential out of every player that wears the Jackrabbit Tennis uniform. There is not a day that goes by where we do not get better on and off the court. Being a relatively new coaching staff, we believe we have out the pieces together to be a very successful program in the years to come.

We are not afraid of hard work and going the extra mile to ensure our players maximize their potential. This “think win” mentality is going to get us to the next level and help our players achieve their goals after graduation.

Travel to the Best

Our tennis program is in a unique situation that allows us to travel across the United States playing some of the best collegiate tennis teams. We thrive on our road warrior mentality and the opportunity to visit multiple cities across the United States. We believe in playing the best and ensure our players play against the best competition we can find.

By raising the level of competition we have proven we belong and do not back down from a single challenge on the tennis court. Jackrabbit Tennis players are able to gain valuable life experience by traveling to so many different locations and also improve their tennis game dramatically along the way.

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